After working towards a full-time career in the music industry for over three years I’m super excited to have finally quit my day job to go full time in the new year!

To focus on this role, I will no longer be posting my daily “Track of The Day”, but don’t worry, I’m still around. You can still get in touch with me through all options on my contact me page for any music-related enquires! Thanks for sticking around ❤️✨

Joining the VIBBIDI team!

Hellooo, so over the past few months I’ve been going back and forth with some of the lovely VIBBIDI team over in California and I’m delighted to announce that I’m now collaborating with the platform!  It’s a free web-based music streaming service that’s available on any device (as long as you have an internet connection of course!)

They’re currently in the process of transitioning from a mobile app to a strictly web-based platform & they’ve given me the opportunity to share a sneak-peak of the features they’ll be releasing this summer!

VIBBIDI is a mixture of your favourite music streaming services & a social media platform that is fully-controlled by the community.  They have music videos, singles, albums, remixes, lyrics, news & loads more on every artist page so its super easy to find all the content you want, and the best part is, if you thing there is something missing, you’re able to add it for everyone else to enjoy too!

They have a hugeee library of content from big-name artists to those smaller and more obscure acts, but their most prominent feature (and the one I have the pleasure of getting involved in) is a new writing program called ‘Narratives’ that lets you voice your own opinion with absolute freedom on a piece of music!  You can write a personal story about your connection to a piece of music, a think-piece about the quality of an album or pretty much anything you can think of! Whatever story you want to tell is totally acceptable, whether it’s a simply a diary entry on how the album makes you feel or a super-professional article detailing everything you could possibly ever need to know.  You can find some of the narrative I’ve done so far here!

If writing Narratives or collecting music isn’t your thing, they also have collections of music called ‘Themes’ that are perfect selections of albums based around a mood, genre, time-period & other styles so that everyone can discover spectacular new music they’ve never seen before!

The official platform-launch is this summer and VIBBIDI are running a special promotion where they’ll personally transfer any music, playlists & profile details you create from the mobile app to their new web-platform! Just let me know if you’re interested & I can put you in contact with someone to get your profile sorted so you can be a part of the latest music experience.

Proudly claiming “We Are Everything For Music” VIBBIDI is a great way to get involved with music if you want that little bit extra than just a streaming platform .  You can give it a try here, or get in touch with me if you’d like to know anything else!!

I’m super excited to have been given such an incredible opportunity to work with such a wonderful company and can’t wait to start getting some more of my narratives out there for everyone to see!! So, here goes!

*this post written in collaboration with VIBBIDI, however as always, all my thoughts and opinions are my own*