50 Cent – Get Rich or Die Tryin’ Tour [Review]

The 8X Platinum Get Rich or Die Tryin’ album turned 15 this year and what better way to celebrate than a European anniversary tour. The number one Billboard 200 album became a part of history when it was crowned the tenth highest selling rap album of all time in America, the truly iconic album was worth celebrating. £65 were dropped on tickets for Londons O2 Arena ready to see 50 Cent take to stage.

Supporting Fifty was UK’s Maxwell Owusu Ansah, more commonly known as Lethal Bizzle. An artist, who like Fifty started out in the music scene over fifteen years ago. Bizzle put on hit after hit, throwing karate kicks up to his head matching the beat of his 2004 (but still very current and very well known hit) POW. Fifty’s choice of support act was not only clever but highly appreciated by the audience. Some artists bring out a small unheard of acts as a support and as much as its acknowledged that it might do the support acts career wonders, it does very little in terms of ‘hyping’ the crowd up for the main event when no-one knows any tracks. Not only did everyone know and revel in Bizzle’s performance but it really felt that it was Fifty’s way of recognising the strength that the current UK’s urban scene has to offer.

Despite the name of the tour being the Get Rich Or Die Tryin’ anniversary tour it became more of a Greatest Hits tour, this went under no complaints from fans. Unlike other anniversary tours such as Dizzee Rascals 2016 Boy In Da Corner performance, he performed the album cover to cover in order, this was different, and that was more than fine. For many in the crowd, it was their first time seeing 50 Cent perform live so receiving as much content spanning across his whole career was a gift well accepted by the crowd.

Still giving us Get Rich Or Die Tryin’ hits such as ‘In Da Club’, ‘Wanksta’, ‘P.I.M.P’ and the Eminem featuring ‘Patiently Waiting’ he also gave us ‘Candy’, ‘Disco Inferno’ and ‘Ayo Technology’ whilst chucking in Lil Kims ‘Magic Stick’ and a Bob Marley tribute track for good measure.

Backed by a screen playing clips from his music videos Fifty looked at home throughout the whole performance with an energy that never faded. As one of few ‘gangsta rappers’ left within the music scene he had the crowd jumping from start to finish. Despite moving on to have a clothing range and an acting career it’s clear the stage is still where he belongs.

The £65 tickets worked out to be around £1 per minute that Fifty spent on stage, some may say that’s steep but to witness such an iconic album performed by one of America’s top-selling artists of all time didn’t feel at all overpriced at all as you got to join thousands in taking part in Londons biggest Thursday night party.

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