Hoodie Allen – The Hype Tour [REVIEW]

Attending a concert is all about the experience. You want to partake in more than just an album played from cover to cover. It’s to be in a space with people that are passionate about the same music as you. It’s to be a part of something thats more memorable than watching a performance on your television. Hoodie Allen absolutely knows this and pulls out all the stops to make his shows as impressive as he can.

There was an explosion of energy as he opened the set with Believe before going straight into Sushi. His first single from his latest album, The Hype. He finished the the track by firing out fake notes into the crowd.

Hoodie continued with these kooky antics by throwing out balloons, spraying his fans with water and chucking out his drummers sticks to a lucky fan. As well as this during the performance of his 2013 hit ‘Cake Boy’ he threw out actual cakes into the audience along with a cake that was given to him by a fan before hand.

The sold out show was filled with tons of crowd participation which is something I truly enjoy as it makes for a more personal experience. Hoodie must be the most interactive artists I’ve ever seen as he stood at the merchandise table for an hour before his performance chatting with fans. He rightly referred to himself as ‘king of the fans’ as he played a track requested by a girl at the merch table earlier in the evening.

With this tour being his ‘Hype Tour’ I assumed it would consist largely of tracks from The Hype with a couple of added classics. I was wrong, Hoodie felt with the O2 Forum being the biggest venue on the tour, he would treat the crowd to what was more of a greatest hit show. This undoubtably brought the hype to ‘The Hype’ as his dedicated fans sang along to his older tracks word for word.

It was a one of a kind set where Hoodie proved himself not only as a sensational performer but an artist grateful for his audiences devotion. The show was a unique experience for all and it’s these types of shows that remind me why I love concerts so much.



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