Octavian – Strawberries & Creem Festival [Review]

Bursting at the seams, the Strawberries & Creem Big Top Tent overflowed with fans eagerly awaiting the 22 year olds rappers performance. Breaking through in late 2017, the French born, South London raised star known as Octavian is already defying public expectations. 

His tracks have been described as R&B, Dancehall, Grime, House, and UK Hip-Hop, giving him a sound that everyone wants to hear. This was made obvious by the variety of the crowd that flocked to the stage to catch his mid afternoon performance. 

Joined on stage by House of Pharaohs’ Sam Wise, Octavian opened his set with their well known single – 100 Degrees. Accompanied by heavy beats, sharp piano and muffled drums the pairs lyrics were drowned out by fans bellowing back every word.

Throughout his work Octavian follows trends of Pop Rap as he switches from rapping to singing throughout his tracks. This is a formula used by the global hit maker and huge Octavian fan, Drake.

What makes Octavian so unique is his ability to conform to classic trends (such as the ones Drake uses) whilst simultaneously breaking them. Releasing unapologetically experimental tracks such as ‘Hands’ using a traditional trap autotune over heavy beats to create a track that sounds nothing like a trap piece at-all. He’s out there carving his own path within the industry resulting in a neoteric and imperative London sound.

Octavians set was short but by all means sweet. With half an hour on stage he reeled off his singles back to back leaving no time for fillers. The energy in the crowd continued to grow knowing what was about to come. Finishing his set on his huge track that put him on the map – Party Here. Fans chanting the opening lines with increasing volume as the DJ wheeled up the tune multiple times. Finally reaching the catchy chorus he danced around the stage to the sound of his track sung back to him by fans. His breathy and raspy delivery sounded effortless as he adapted to different lyrical conditions throughout the set.

With only a few months in the spotlight, his Strawberries and Creem set proved his skills to be worthy to extend to much bigger platforms. This is only the beginning of the young man’s rise in the industry so if you didn’t manage to catch his set in the fields of Cambridge then you better try to soon before he’s selling out arenas worldwide.

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