15.09.19 – Track of The Day

Todays track of the day comes from a new album which I’ve really got to big up, it’s The Rebirth, G-$ANTANA‘s debut album.

The North Carolinian rapper found himself losing his way and motivation & decided to revamp his life as both a man and an artist. Starting over musically and financially “The Rebirth” is G-$ANTANA’s journey of burning bridges and removing relationships that were toxic in helping him move forward.

I’ve been a big fan of G-$ANTANA’s music since I stumbled on his “Dancing on The Moon!” single last summer and have stuck with his journey ever since.

The incredible debut album is a fusion of up tempo music, trap beats, Hip Hop bars, and lofi Hip Hop with the main productions composed by KPryme The Jäger and features from Jaded, Vo-Kal & Ray Leon.

Touring the album, you can catch him September 28th and October 10th in Greensboro North Carolina (message me for deets) & you can listen & buy the album on multiple platforms here.

My (current) favourite track from the album has to be Trynna Know Your Name featuring Vo-Kal & Ray Leon, it’s got that catchy “The Weeknd” kinda vibes through the chorus teamed up with some sick verses. You HAVE to check this track and the rest of the album out.

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