Dizzee Rascal – The Raskit Tour [REVIEW]

Last night I headed up to Brixtion with a couple of friends to watch Dizzee Rascal take to the O2 academy stage for his latest tour. The ‘Raskit‘ tour.

I was lucky enough to see Dizzee in October of last year in the Copper Box Olympic Park Arena as he performed a one off show of his legendary 2003 debut album – Boy In Da Corner. This album not only gave Dizzee a platform in music but helped to define Grime as a genre. It was the first time the album had been played live in full in the UK so I was chuffed to be apart of it.

(Insert bad quality, red eyed photo of our Boy In Da Corner album art attempt)


After attending his Boy In Da Corner show it seemed only right that I went to see him return to the genre he helped to create. The performance wasn’t one that I was expecting.

He surfaced to the stage in what felt like the most intense and roaring entrance to Raskits lead single – Space (released back in June 2017). He followed up with another 13 tracks, a mixture from both Raskit and Boy In Da Corner. Which despite me already seeing his old hits last year I appreciated them no less than everyone else in the crowd who was witnessing them for the first time. It was thundering performance where he showed off his lyrical skills to an unbelievable standard.

Then the set changed completely as he went from his grimey classics to his 2009 pop tunes. I was always a huge fan of his pop hits and to be taken back to my 13 year old self singing along to ‘Dance Wiv Me‘ with 1000’s of others in Brixton was something I didn’t realise I’d enjoy so much until it happened. Despite loving the teenage throwback as much as I did its safe to say that a few people around me didn’t. I don’t think many fans were expecting to watch his ‘return to grime’ followed up by some pop classics, but with plenty of the crowd looking a lot younger than me, maybe they did.

Grime or not, I fully enjoyed the set in its entirety.



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