Khalid – The American Teen Tour [REVIEW]

The moment that Khalid hit the stage at Hammersmith Eventim Apollo it was suddenly clear what kind of crowd you were in. Teenage girls screaming to deafening decibels echoed around the arena. Despite the young girls all huddled up front as close to the stage as they possibly could, the further back you went the older the crowd became ready to hear the debut album relatable by many.

Khalid’s album ‘American Teen’ became so popular as it’s able to reach multiple demographics. His catchy tracks such as ‘Young, Dumb and Broke’ and ‘8TEEN’ speak to everyone. Fans either relating to a similar time in their life of reminiscing on what life was like as a teen. With lyrics such as “Oh shit, I just graduated. I don’t have any obligations. So let’s have a little fun”, “Because I’m 18 and I still live with my parents” and “So let’s do all the stupid shit that young kids do” it’s easy to bring yourself back to a point in your life (either then or now) which you’ve thought the exact thoughts that Khalid serenades about.

With the young teen recently turning 20 I can only commend Khalid on his performance on his sell out tour. I read multiple reviews that his stage presence was ‘appalling’ and I just simply can’t agree. He leaped across the stage flying out kicks and jumps left, right and centre looking increasingly more confident as the show went on. To be on your first world tour before you’re considered a legal adult in your own country he should be allowed some leeway for mistakes which in good time and experience will all fall into place. Although despite little interaction with the crowd I can’t say there was any faults. Khalid gave a performance of which to be proud of.

With his mixture of Soul, R&B, Hip Hop topped off with a single with EDM producer Marshmello, the young performer from Texas really worked well next to his talented band to give a show for all to enjoy. Its safe to say that not one person in the venue was there against their will as each track was drowned out behind the fans singing. Even those at that back who were only able to see the stage though phone screens recording the scenes in-front of them, didn’t let the energy drop for a single second.

With an already huge fan base, hit debut album and a sold out world tour under his belt this is only the beginning for the American Teen.

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