Travis Scott – Reading Festival 2018 [Review]

I’ve been lucky enough to attend Reading Festival on seven different weekends. Over the years seeing many of my favourite festival performances in Little John’s Farm on Readings Richard Avenue. Kendrick Lamar 2015, Eminem 2017 and now up there with the greats, Travis Scott’s 2018 set.

After a summer full of heatwaves and scorching sun, it was due to come to an end. That end was moments before Scott took to the main stage Friday night. The heavens opened, drenching the crowd but the crowd didn’t thin. Stood in the icy rain fans filled up the stage ready to see Texas rapper take the mic.

Appearing on stage to an 80’s theme park advert for his latest album ASTROWORLD the 26-year-old kicked off his set with ‘STARGAZING’, following up with ‘CAROUSEL’ and ‘SICKO MODE’. Proving himself in clubs, theatres and arenas he’s now showing his worth to some of the largest crowds the world has to offer as he had the ocean of fans jumping in waves.

Scott is known as an auto-tuned rapper, something that is easily picked apart by critics. His auto-tune during his Reading performance was a perfect balance between altered pitch and his true self. It was a chance to really hear his vocals coming through. Something that unfortunately doesn’t transfer well from any recordings of the evening.

With Scott’s latest album ASTROWORLD snatching the number one spot on the Billboard 200 charts for two weeks, up against a very angry Nicki Minaj, everyone was expecting a show, and he delivered. More than anyone expected.

With an ever-growing catalogue of hits, it’s only a matter of time before Scott headlines the Main Stage and he’ll tackle the challenge painlessly. If you weren’t there, watch his set online. If you were there you’ll know that the recording doesn’t even come close to how incredible the set really was to watch live.

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