So welcome to music & moodie. Im MOODIE and if you haven’t guessed already, here is my space to babble about music.

I’ve been a music obsessive for as long as I can remember and sharing my love for music has been something I’ve always wanted to do. So now I am.

I recently graduated from Point Blank Music School. It was the most incredible experience, if you’re looking into getting involved in music then I fully recommend checking them out, they’ve got a bundle of sensational courses with top lectures and equipment. It was there that I decided to join the family of podcasters.

So this blog will become a collection spot for my podcasts, tracks that I’m loving, reviews on concerts, albums and festivals, and links on pretty much anything I’ve found interesting and something you might find interesting too.

Theres plenty of ways you can get in contact with me so feel free to drop me any type of messages, questions & feedback! Anything and everything will be highly appreciated!

Here goes, 
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